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Terms and Conditions of purchase

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“Astra Sheepdogs - dedicated to the welfare and improvement of the Border Collie breed, by endeavouring to ensure the optimal health, with help from our Owners, of the Astra sheepdog bloodlines.”

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase!

Getting a dog is a big commitment – it is a commitment for life. Our interest in the dog does not end when you hand over the payment. Far from it.

Each life that leaves our centre is a continued responsibility and so we only sell to homes that agree to the following:

  1. If the dog cannot be kept, for whatever reason, it should be returned to Janet Beale. If there is another home in mind for the dog we should be informed previously because we want to give our approval of the new family. No compensation wil be given unless the dog is properly trained to be an obedient family pet or as a working sheepdog, AND he/she is NOT neutered/or spayed. The value of compensation will be dependant on UK market valuation by an average of the estimate given by two qualified persons.
  2. The dog should receive only the necessary vaccinations (use of Titre tests to prevent over vaccination), regular worming, etc. – everything that the average vet advises. The dog should receive all necessary veterinary care, whether due to an accident or illness, routine or emergency. Prevention is better than cure – we strongly recommend animal health insurance.
  3. You must abide by the Code of Welfare for Dogs.
  4. We should be informed of any event that affects the dog’s long term health and lifestyle or ends in premature death. All documentation relating to these events should be made available to us and our vet and the final decision be made by recognised authorities and specialists, such as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Pathologist, Genetisits etc.
  5. Agree to not breed from your bitch unless you are available FULL time 24/7 from a week prior to the expected birth of the litter to the time the puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to leave home (this is because they need 24 hour care and attention) So if you work be prepared to take Doggy Maternity leave for a minimum of 8 weeks.
  6. Not allow breeding with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch without first contacting us preferably in writing. (to check the health status of your dogs siblings and other close relatives) ----- we can also help advise you on the choice of partner for your dog.
  7. Do no breed with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch unless you are in a position to keep, re-home and train any puppy that they produce in case you do not find suitable homes for them, or they need to be rehomed from their new owners.
  8. If used for breeding, the new owner should screen the dog for hip, elbow and shoulder displasia between the age of 18 months and 2 years, as well as DNA screening for the border collie panels of leading DNA laboratories unless the dog is already clear by parentage. Copies of the eye examination or reports on the hip X-ray should be sent to us. This is very important because, as breeders, we should take into account all and any hereditary problem.
  9. The dog should get basic obedience training, if possible. Regardless of what we think of ourselves as trainers, all dogs benefit from formal obedience classes – they help to strengthen the ties between dog and owner and open up communication between them. We encourage all those who purchase our dogs to get the Kennel Club Citizens tests as an absolute minimum.
  10. All precautions should be taken to ensure that, should something happen to the owner, the dog is protected. The dog may be included in the new owner’s will, the best precaution being that the dog be returned to Janet Beale.
  11. A report about the dog with at least one photograph should be sent annually. This can be in the form of a Christmas card with a paragraph of general information, but we want to know where and how the dog is. The photographs will be placed in a family album and we will send copies to all interested families. If you move house or change your phone number we should be informed of your new address and/or telephone number.
  12. All buyers must sign a purchase agreement before the puppy and the pedigree registration papers are handed over. All the dogs bred by Janet Beale will have "ASTRA" as a prefix on their registration at ISDS and the Kennel Club and all registration names (including Kennel Club) are chosen or approved by Janet Beale.
  13. The dog must be brought up with love and affection as an important member of the family.
  14. If you have trained your dog properly to be an obedient family pet or as a working sheepdog, and he/she is not neutered/or spayed we must have first option to purchase the dog at market value if you ever offer the dog for sale.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact us to discuss them.

We don’t mind seeming a little bit eccentric by making so many demands but, put simply, we’re mad about our Border Collies.



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Breeding for Colour in the Border Collies


Breeding for colour alone must not be done.

At Astra Sheepdog Centre, we have consitently achieved all the above goals WITHOUT loosing the working ability that the ISDS registered working sheepdog is renowned for.

But achieving this is complicated and makes a our task much more difficult, as many factors must be taken into account before a mating is decided upon.


Such as:-

the Herding instict which is made up of 100's of traits and characters

Temperament and Character of the dog

The recorded and unknown, non testable, health issues within the sire and dam's bloodlines.

DNA and other health results of the sire and dam.

and much much more.

Do you still want our job ?

Read on...


Since 2000 we have been re-introducing the rarer, very stunning colours back into the standard classic Black/White and Tricolour Border Collie lines, these colours include:-

  • Red and whites also called chocolate or brown,
  • Lilac, a dilute form of red and white, chocolate or brown
  • Slate, a dilute form of Black
  • Red or Brown Merles, also called chocolate merles,
  • Blue Merles
  • the dilute (slate/lilac) version of each merle,
  • Sable
  • All of the above colours often come with Tan cheeks, eyebrows and legs (tricolour)
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Breeding for Conformation in the Border Collie

We aim for our dogs to "A dog which is capable of doing a full day’s herding work on the hills and grass covered mountains of the world"

We believe that the breeding for conformation goes hand in hand with all of the above but especially so with the working ability.

A dog which is bred to work must also be capable of working all day, in any condition to which it has already been acclimatized.


We look for all of the following:-

Read on...


  • neither too tall or small
  • neither too heavy or light
  • i.e. a balanced dog with
  • excellent easy flowing movement
  • extreme agility i.e. can jump/climb/turn etc with ease.
  • good average sized head for good brain space
  • good feet preferably shaped like a cats'.
  • easy care coat

We believe that if the breeder starts to get too critical about a conformation STANDARD such as the ones the Kennel Club place on breeds which include:-

structure, angulation, colour pattern, ear shape or tail carriage.

The breeder will CHANGE the dogs shape (conformation) along with many other important aspects, HERDING ABILITY and temperament , and you end up with something you did not expect and most probable do not want.


For example: the structural and temperament differences between the modern Kennel Club show/breed border collie and the working ISDS border collie.

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