Current Breeding Females

The female in companion dog breeding is extremely important as she places more than 50% influence on the puppy, because of the environmantal factor of rearing the litter, her temperament and behavior whilst rearing her litter can strongly dictate towards the final temperament and character of the puppy.

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If we do breed from a female that does not have a 100% bomb proof disposition; the bitch will be outstanding in other aspects, and we will ensure that the puppies are managed appropriately; by arranging a canine foster carer who will teach the puppies the correct and acceptable way to behave.

Unfortunately, only the very best females stay with us for Trials and Full Farm duties as we do not have enough real work nor the individual time to keep all our breeding bitches active and motivated (as if they need motivation),

In fact; we believe it would be CRUEL to keep them just for breeding as the dogs environment must be enriching to it's mental and physical health.

Therefore, many of our dogs may well be available, at any time, to the right homes as partly trained or fully trained sheepdogs.


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